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Enter a world decimated by war long ago. Everywhere around you is in ruins. Few small towns and cities remain. Large governments are no more. The world is now controlled by a rogue underground syndicate called "The Garrison," hellbent on its own corrupted agenda.

Take on the role of four survivors, each with a different perspective on the condition of their world, the planet of Tal'Maran. With them, you must venture to find the elusive safe haven of Novalos, seek reparations for past, and uncover the intentions behind the actions of The Garrison.

In a world that can barely stand on its own, there is no 'chosen one.' There are no prophecies. There is no saving a planet that has already ended. There is only survival. 
Your decisions matter, but only to help aid your survival. You must use your judgement to make the best use of your resources, aid those who need your help, reason with those who stand in your way, and kill those who won't listen. Though you have one goal, you have more than one way to attain it. Your adventure awaits.  

(Note: This game is currently in early development. Only the chapter one demo is available until further notice. There may be bugs and/or spelling/grammatical errors in this version. Please report any of these by emailing novalosmailbox@gmail.com)

Install instructions

Simply download the zip, extract the files to wherever you want, and play. Remember to keep all files within the extracted folder.


Novalos WoR Ch 1 Demo.zip 280 MB

Development log


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very enjoyable game. love the furry aspect of the characters and the story so far. being a furry myself games like these make me smile.